When a child gives us a glimpse into holiness

by Howard Wells (Mark 10:13-16)

Perhaps it is simply the time of year.  A child is about to change the world.  Many of us have heartfelt memories of a special moment when a child gives us a glimpse into holiness.  For me, it is remembering my four year-old being reduced to tears whenever “Away in a Manger” played during this most tender of seasons.  This wonder-filled, tenderhearted child could not bear the thought that Jesus had no crib.  Were only we so moved by the need we encounter each and every day.  As we seek the newborn King, perhaps we should draw our attention to the Christ who sleeps under cardboard, or the Christ we see in the faces of desolation found at every turn in our day to day lives.  So often, I am the disciple, sure of what is right or who is good.  How presumptuous I can be.  This season offers the opportunity to once again enter the kingdom.  Not in the promise of some new gadget or fashion but in those places we could see as a child.  Perhaps when we are able to allow ourselves the vulnerability of innocence and wonder, we will touch the Holy.  We will encounter the Christ in places and persons never imagined.

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One Response to When a child gives us a glimpse into holiness

  1. Karen Salter says:

    Oh Howard, what a glorious reminder of where our attention should be, in this holy season, and in the gift of each ordinary day. So beautifully written — brought tears to my own child-like eyes. Thank you so much.

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