May Mark Madness!

by Katie McGrann, Children’s Minister

On Sunday, May 22, we celebrated our year of studying the Gospel of Mark with “May Mark Madness.” Parishioners of all ages comprised four teams who worked together to sort out a Bible verse, assemble a picture, compose a cinquain and complete other activities related to Mark.  Mark Madness ended with teams answering questions about Mark from mistress of ceremonies Marty Watkin.

“It was such a delightful sight to see over 36 people gathered at tables in Baldwin Hall this morning — the morning sun peeking over shoulders of cherubic youth and adults and children, all raptly collaborating on activities related to the Gospel of Mark.  What a way to wrap up our year with Mark,” Marty said.

The teams followed guidelines to write a cinquain (pronounced “sin-cane”), which is similar to haiku but uses words instead of syllables.  Here is the formula:

Line 1  One-word title
Line 2   Two words about the subject. The words may  be a phrase or separate words.
Line 3  Three verbs or a three-word phrase about the subject.
Line 4  Four words about the writer’s feelings on the subject
Line 5 The subject word again or a word that refers to the title or subject

We are happy to share these poetic expressions with you.

Miss Katy’s Cinquain
Moves fast
Rushing telling spreading
His love for Jesus

Team Yellow
Spread Gospel
Preaching, teaching, healing
Faithful to God’s love

Team Green
Boats    Brothers
Telling, walking, preaching
Confused yet still trying

Team Red
Playing games
Looking for Jesus
He loves them so

Team Blue
On mission
Teaching, healing, saving
Setting a Christian example

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