Indescribable Welcome in Uganda

by Tracey Miles

There are no words to describe the welcome we received from Mary Love, her family and the children at the school.   Mary Love’s mother (we call her “Mom”) hugged each one of us and, raising her hands in the air, began to clap and sing Hallelujah!   For the next few minutes, we all sang and clapped together, simply rejoicing being in each others’ presence, until Mom offered a prayer of thanksgiving for our safe arrival.   It was the first time (one of many, I’m sure) that I fought back tears; I’ve never been welcomed so enthusiastically by someone that I don’t know.  The children were equally gracious in their welcome, excitedly running up to Abbott and Elaine, and throwing their arms around us as if we had visited last year, too.   A particularly meaningful moment for me was when several children gathered around us and began to sing several songs (which was encouraging for me, because one of my goals is to both learn songs from, and teach songs to, the children).   More to come – we are thankful to have arrived safely and for the openness of each of the people we have met!

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13 Responses to Indescribable Welcome in Uganda

  1. Kay says:

    Your description makes me feel as though I were there witnessing the welcome.

  2. Megan Limburg says:

    So wonderful to hear of your joyous arrival and to picture Mary Love, her mom, and the children, and the Hallelujahs! Wow! We love hearing of your days there; many thanks for posting. Prayers and love to all and an extra hug to Mary Love! Megan and Tim

  3. Barbara Ambrose says:

    I am so glad to hear that you arrived safely and to such a glorious welcome. Do send my love to Mary Love and let her know how much she continues to be missed. May each moment be filled with wonder. If possible, please share a video of singing with the children!

  4. Chuck says:

    We are thankful for your safe arrival and look forward to reading the blogs. We look forward to learning some of the songs you share with the children. Chuck, Christine and Nayeli.

  5. Patrick Getlein says:

    Prayers and love to all the children there, Mary Love and to you all. This is such a wonderful blessing!

  6. Howard Wells says:

    Thinking of all of you and holding you in my heart and prayers. I know the rich blessing of hospitality knows no boundaries and I give thanks for two peoples so far apart yet so joined

  7. Joan Charles says:

    This is so exciting! God bless and keep you safe on this journey as you help so many in Uganda! Joan Charles
    P.S. I hope you’ll post a photo of Abbott on the camel !! 🙂

  8. Carol Slonaker says:

    How thrilling it is to witness the ongoing mission of St. Andrew’s with the Peace School! What has and is being accomplished by MaryLove, Joanita, and their family is truly a blessing to the children being loved and educated in such a special place. Leaders for the future of Uganda are being developed by the caring people at Peace School. Share hugs and prayers from those of us here with the Bbaale family and all of the children. We know that there will be some tears shared also.

  9. Kathy says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANE ! So happy for ALL of you to be on this trip..and be there together. I’m sure your time there will be long remembered by those you are serving. What a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday, Di. We love you and pray for your safe travels.

  10. Paige Bailey says:

    Beautiful! This interchange of joy is simply wonderful!

  11. Marty Watkin says:

    “I’ve never been welcomed so enthusiastically by someone that I don’t know.” Maybe tears are spiritual sonar, marking or predicting some future day of welcome — one as powerful as this day & perhaps just as joyful. When that day comes for you (and me, and each of us), maybe it’ll seem oddly familiar. After all, your first full-out, heavenly welcome happened long before in the voices and embrace of these precious children.

  12. Jeannine Uzel says:

    I’m so excited for you! I feel like somehow i’m tagging along with you. Can’t wait to see pics and, maybe a recording? Be safe!

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