Classroom Connections

by Cydy Weldon-Lassiter

Primary 4/4th Grade Class - Circle of Peace SchoolOn Thursday morning, I was granted the privilege of sitting in on 5 of the 9 classes at Circle of Peace School. Each teacher and her students welcomed me into their learning spaces with warm greetings. The students stood and chanted in unison, “Welcome, visitor. How do you do?”

Much like St. Andrew’s School, Circle of Peace has one class per grade, however Circle of Peace begins a year earlier and extends two years beyond St. Andrew’s. The grades include:  Middle Class- preschool; Top Class- kindergarten; and Primary 1 to 7- grades first through seventh.

Although I tried to schedule my visits in sequence, beginning with the youngest group to the oldest group, my plan did not work out as such. Despite the mix up, as I moved from class to class, there was a clear progression of skills, concepts, and expectations from one grade to the next.

After meeting the students and teachers, I am eager for our St. Andrew’s second grade class to begin their study of Uganda and start their pen pal relationship. I am immensely grateful for this glimpse into Ugandan education at Circle of Peace School.

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4 Responses to Classroom Connections

  1. Patrick Getlein says:

    This is so great! Is their formal educational experience year-round or does it follow some other calendar?

    • abbottbailey says:

      The school year starts in February each year and runs through the end of November with two breaks (two weeks in May and two in August), so they are “off” three months a year total. I’m pretty sure they don’t get quite the number of holidays that we get (if any). They do work hard, that’s for sure, though seem to love school for the most part.

  2. Marty Watkin says:

    So if the children greeted you with “Welcome, visitor. How do you do?” they probably learned it phonetically, which would have taken a fair amount of time to repeat/practice. some loving teacher really worked hard to make sure you felt welcomed in her class. a small, powerful thing.

  3. Jeannine Uzel says:

    How exciting for both you and the children! Isn’t it amazing that children all over the world are the same – their enthusiasm for visitors, excitement about school-and yet so different in their own unique environments?!

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