Warm Welcome

Hi, y’all! Megan-Drew here. The Grace-on-the-Hill residents will be posting a reflection of sorts about once a week, about our experience in Oregon Hill, the St. Andrew’s community, our internship worksites, or something else entirely! We’ll be rotating responsibility by week, so look forward to posts from my roommates in the weeks to come!

Well, we moved in two weeks ago, and it’s been quite the adventure. In the last two weeks, we’ve attended about ten worship services, at least that many community meals, one retreat at Richmond Hill; we’ve had a visit to all three worksites, learned about the history of Oregon Hill and how that legacy lives out in the neighborhood today, and, perhaps most importantly, we created a Rule of Life for our apartment.

We’ve gone from the mundane but necessary paperwork, to an incredible, icing-on-the-cake, experience: a hike to and picnic on Belle Isle. We ate by a pond, then moved to the river side and swam as the sun began to set. I’m looking forward to fall afternoons on the river, I can tell you that!

Monday was the first day in our worksites, and for me, it was a quiet day. Working in the Office of Mission and Outreach means that I have a small office in the basement of the Diocesan office at Mayo House. Both of the  Mission and Outreach people were out of the office on Monday, and my computer wasn’t ready, which gave me a unique chance to delve into the paperwork of the office, looking at the ministries in which the Diocese and specific parishes are involved. It was fascinating! I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the ways in which churches are involved in Mission and Outreach. It promises to be a diverse workplace, with many different types of work. I can’t wait!

Thank you all for the warm welcome we have received. We moved in to find a kitchen stocked with food, and a church with smiling faces and open arms. I look forward to getting to know everyone as the year goes on, and hopefully beginning to repay some of your kindnesses!

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One Response to Warm Welcome

  1. Kay Malone says:

    You have already enriched our lives!

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