More Art Events & Fulfilling Work Site Related Experiences

— Teresa Willoughby

I continue to enjoy my Grace-on-the-Hill/ Oregon Hill experiences.  Some highlights since my last blog post include a couple of art events as well as rewarding and exciting work site related experiences.  I attended a Peruvian Art Event at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts followed by a Street Art Festival.  I think every culture is interesting and should be cherished and celebrated.  This VMFA event was particularly special to me considering Peru is the country of my mother’s birth and I believe Peru/ Peruvian culture represents an integral part of my heritage and familial background.  I appreciated the Peruvian visual art pieces, dances, and music. I loved all of the events:  face painting (although I had a parrot painted on my arm), the alpaca petting zoo, Peruvian doll making and more!  I then walked over to the Street Art Festival and enjoyed seeing the vibrant eye-popping art there.  Below are a few pictures from that day:


In addition to the festivals, I’ve enjoyed the fulfilling and fun events at my work placement. I advocate and promote the work of the William Byrd Community House and all that it has to offer.  I am eager to support WBCH because I deeply value its mission of self-sufficiency and humanitarian efforts.  I have been spreading the word about this agency at college campuses, the WBCH carnival, and in the lobby in WBCH.  I really liked reaching out to clients in the lobby.  I displayed flyers about William Byrd Community House programs and health/ food/ nutrition handouts in the lobby for people to read as they’re waiting for services.  I have conversed about these topics with them. I also served eggplant lasagna made with eggplant from WBCH’s farmlet in the lobby to clients.  Serving food is an excellent conversation starter with the community!  I hope to see more people at the Byrd House Market and see more people use their SNAP benefits at the market.  I love to see quality, local, affordable food become more accessible to more people.   I am thrilled to see my desire to work in public health (my college major) unfold during my experience at my work site.  Below are some recent pictures related to my work site:  

1000004647 1000004664

Everything here in Richmond has been a real dream! I will continue to strive for ecological and food justice for the community!

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