Busy, Dizzy Days

–Megan-Drew Tiller

First and foremost, I’d like to thank everyone for their prayers, kind words, and thoughtful actions in the past two weeks. I am happy to report that I am feeling better every day, and I cannot wait to get this sling off! Thankfully, as most of you know, I am left-handed and it was my right clavicle that was broken, so I am certainly seeing the silver lining of this injury!

After my accident, I stayed with my mother in Hampton Roads for a week, learning how to do everyday tasks one-handed, but by the time I returned to Richmond a week ago, I was fairly bouncing off the walls. I don’t sit still well. My first week back in the office was an eventful one: on Wednesday, the GOTH residents participated in a structured time of reflection on our experience thus far and our further hopes and expectations as the program continues; on Thursday, I attended the Diocese of Virginia’s Episcopal Church Women’s Fall Meeting, which offered keynote speakers on human trafficking and recovery; Friday was the Diocese’s Annual Chili/Stew/Soup Cook-off and Pumpkin Carving; Saturday, we learned how to brew beer with Patrick; and yesterday, I went with some choir members to see/hear the Richmond Symphony and the Richmond Symphony Chorus perform the Verdi Requiem. Did I mention it was a busy week?

It was also a fun week. My roommates and I have been discussing how to decorate GOTH Manor for Halloween (that’s what we’ve taken to calling our apartment), and we have our first jack-o-lantern.

GOTH Jack-o-Lantern

We’ve also been talking about decorating the door with various and sundry things, and dotting banana peels so that they brown in particular patterns. We’re getting creative! That creativity fed right into the beer brewing on Saturday, as we came up with creative names and brewing processes for Episcopal beers: just think–a twice fermented beer to represent Confirmation, or a black and tan representing Marriage…

I’m looking forward to several things in the coming weeks as well: next week is the Fall Clergy Conference at Shrine Mont, and I get to go up for a night and help, and the Diocese will be hosting a Bishop and his wife from Tanzania later this fall, which should be a unique and illuminating experience. I can’t wait to see the Halloween parade and all the trick-or-treaters, and I’ve got some great costume ideas up my sleeve. Thanksgiving prep is already starting back home (who’s hosting, who’s making what, etc.), and I’m looking forward to making all my favorite fall recipes as the cool weather is here to stay.

So, for now, I’m signing out, and I’ll see you ’round the neighborhood!

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