Affordable Care Act Informational Forum!

— vincent hiscock

On Tuesday, December 3 from 6-7 pm at St. Andrew’s School (corner of Idlewood and Cherry) GOTH will be partnering with Virginia Organizing to host an informational forum on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. An ACA Navigator will be on site to answer any technical questions you may be harboring. Questions concerning non-ACA Medicaid eligibility (etc) will also be addressed. Snacks will be provided curtesy of GOTH. Come to learn how this law effects you and your loved ones, to enable yourself to share key-ACA related information with friends and neighbors, or to learn how you can best chip in to support health-care reform!

I invite fellow parishioners at St Andrew’s, in this coming season of the annunciation, to join me in your prayers and petitions in reflecting upon well-being and health-care justice.

We at GOTH are beginning to write a “letter to the editor” to urge Virginia to expand Medicaid as intended under ACA and to support benefits that have otherwise been effected. We encourage others to join us. Details here pair well with personal stories concerning ACA or Medicaid:

For a small poster for the event that you can share please click below:

ACA Info Forum Poster

For other information about the Dec 3 event (including directions to the St Andrew’s School):

For a favorite poem of mine concerning the coming season click below and search “Annunciation”:

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