Thanksgiving & Grace Arents Library

-Teresa Willoughby

I have been enjoying Oregon Hill festivities.  I’ve had the pleasure of attending multiple Thanksgiving celebrations.  I had the pleasant surprise of sharing a thanksgiving meal at William Byrd Community House with my coworkers through the generosity of a WBCH supervisor.  I am also glad I got a chance to participate in and celebrate a Thanksgiving meal at the Pine Street Baptist Church.  There was an abundance of food and I was happy to serve (although it was brief), eat, and chat with everyone there.  I would have probably stopped by the Giving Heart’s Community Thanksgiving Feast in Richmond on Thanksgiving Day, but I went back to visit my family.  I was so excited to see my sisters and everyone but I was also delighted to come back to Oregon Hill.  After all, I am incredibly thankful for this experience and feel a sense of home here.

In addition to attending meetings, leading a SNAP Promotion at BHM Pilot Project Presentation to WBCH’s social work department, working a little bit in the community garden, and other routine tasks at WBCH; I have also been spending more time in the Grace Arents Library at my work site.  I have been cataloging and shelving books.  It is nice to get away from the cold and do something quiet and simple sometimes. We’ve had groups of volunteers help clean up and organize the library.  I’m glad I got the chance to supervise one of the groups of volunteers.  I often consider myself to be more of a follower than a leader but it’s good to push myself into leadership types of roles sometimes.  It was fulfilling for me and I think it went well.  The library and my work space are much more organized now.  I have an established work space and desk.  Even with all of the improvement, I still feel there is plenty for me to do in the library and I’m happy to stay busy.

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