Happy New Year 2014!

-Teresa Willoughby

I enjoyed the holidays visiting with family and friends and I am ready for the New Year in Oregon Hill! I can’t believe the program is about halfway through.  This saddens me, but I will continue to cherish the remaining time and valuable experiences of this program.  Alongside my GOTH goals, I must find somewhere to go once my service year is over.  I would stay if I could! It would mean the world to me to continue to work in the health and/or social service/social justice oriented workforce.  I would like to stay in Richmond/Virginia but we’ll see.

Since coming back, I’ve been introduced to receptionist desk basics at WBCH, continuing to brainstorm for neighborhood activities and public health related work at my work site, and attended a Homelessness 101/Solutions Provider Training session.  This session was provided by my current supervisor’s former place of employment, Homeward. There was a homelessness overview; a talk and tour of the Salvation Army, Homeless Point of Entry, the Daily Planet and the Virginia Supportive Housing; followed by a debrief.  I feel the information was important for me to be familiar with as an intern at WBCH, a resident of GOTH, and as a humanitarian.

Some of my Grace-on-the-Hill objectives include making a big impact with the neighborhood activities, being the best liaison between St. Andrew’s Outreach and GOTH that I can be, incorporating more public health related work at my work site (and my service year in general), and contributing to some WBCH’s goals.  My work site supervisor has been efficiently laying out 2014 goals and tasks for the Grace Arents Library and the upcoming Byrd House Market.  In the library, we’re hoping to create a check out system, enrichment programs, and ways to promote the library.  Some of the market 2014 goals include improving facilities and activities for customers, increasing a new customer base, increasing sales for vendors, and improving vendor recruitment.  We’ll have tasks that will involve revising market procedures, repair, recruiting market volunteers and interns, scheduling market activities and guests, marketing, creating a BHM Advisory Working Group and planning for an opening day event.

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