-Teresa Willoughby

Since my last blog post I have:  performed a speech about my meaningful Grace-on-the-Hill experiences, attended a speech about impacts on Afro-descendant women throughout the Americas, promoted WBCH at a Health and Fitness Fair, enjoyed a tandem bike ride on a beautiful day, worked in WBCH’s community garden, discussed and prepared for changes at my work site, attended Lenten supper series, been job hunting, and much more.  Some of my deepest values and my understandings of them have been proliferating and echoing louder more now than ever.  Authenticity is the cornerstone of my moral beliefs.   I also especially cherish love.  While I value communication, connection, acceptance, empathy, trust, community, kindness, etc., I choose the word love as an outstanding value of mine because I feel it encompasses and goes beyond each of these themes.  It is also what principally allures me to Christianity.  I believe that love (and really anything) must be authentic in order to hold any value.  On one of our formation days, we were asked to watch two Brené Brown videos.  She eloquently discusses authenticity, love, and related topics.  She mentions the importance of authenticity and letting go of what one “should be” and embracing who they really are. This is essential for connection.  In relation to religion, she mentioned that it once embraced uncertainty.  I find this reassuring and intriguing because I am uncertain about many things in religion and spirituality.  Her speeches have deeply resonated within me.  I watched many of her other videos on my own.  I have an incredible amount of admiration for her courage to tackle pressing topics that many are afraid to talk about like shame (fear of disconnection) and vulnerability.  I never really thought of vulnerability as something that is strongly connected to courage but it is.  I mentioned in one of my speeches that my most meaningful experiences with Grace-on-the-Hill have been ones of connection, belonging, and community.  I mentioned that the need for love and belonging must be addressed.  Love and my other values have been arising so much lately not only in my speeches, but also during church, and during interviews and other vocational/ career options I’ve been exploring.   I think vulnerability and courage are necessary for authenticity.   I think vulnerability and courage are necessary for love.   My Grace-on-the-Hill experience has given me courage to reveal more of my authentic self like never before.  I now treasure courage manifested from vulnerability on a whole new level.  

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