Byrd House Farmers Market & Spring Events

-Teresa Willoughby


Please come by Byrd House Farmers Market!

Opening day is May 6th

Ongoing, Tuesdays, 3:30-7:00pm

Through October 28, 2014

Location:  980 Idlewood Avenue (GPS address), Richmond, VA 23220

Phone:  (804) 643-2721


Contact:  Ana Edwards, Market Manager




I have had some momentous events recently.  Amidst the adventurous chaos of finding out where I am going to live and work after Grace-on-the-Hill, I managed to find time to enjoy spring in this lovely neighborhood.  I am so excited for warmer weather!  I have contributed to spring cleaning at St. Andrews, celebrated Easter, worked in St. Andrew’s nursery, walked most of the slave trail and more.

Easter was quite eventful.  During the Easter Rejoicing Service in Hollywood Cemetery, I lit my hair on fire!   The flame from the candle I was holding came in contact with my hair.  I am completely okay though.  The only thing damaged was a little bit of my hair and a tiny bit of my eyelashes.  I used quality oils to treat the damage and I am debating if I should get a haircut anyway.  I then enjoyed the Parish Breakfast and then I helped out in the nursery during the Holy Eucharist service.  I enjoyed playing pretend with the play set and playing peek-a-boo with the young children.  They were so cheerful, fun and funny.  The vibrant recollections of my childhood were reflected in the joy I shared with them.  I had so much fun.  Below are some recent pictures:


Here I am weeding during spring cleaning at St. Andrew’s


Spring’s Beauty in Bloom


Easter Rejoicing Service with Pine St. Baptist in Palmer Chapel in Hollywood Cemetery


Easter Flowering Cross


Picture from the Slave Trail Walk

Lately I feel I have particularly grown close to the recipients of the meal for the homeless at Pine Street Baptist Church. I feel there is a view of a divided world of helpers and those who receive help.  When in reality, I feel we’re all a bit of both and we’re all in this together.  The clients have done so much for me.  They have been warm and welcoming. I even received an Easter card specifically for me from one of them.  I had many interesting and thought provoking conversations with many of them.  Some were particularly so kind to invite me to sit and eat with them.    It means the world to me to be close to other people.  I want to continue this kind of vocation.

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