First weeks in RVA

-Carolyn Fado

Dear readers,

Our first weeks in Richmond have been wonderful, thanks in a large part to your hospitality. We have all spent three weeks in our worksites and before that we spent one week moving in and learning more about Richmond. There are six of us here. We come from all over the US. I’m from Washington, DC, and I will be working at Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School.

If you haven’t heard of it, Anna Cooper is a middle school located in the East End, and all students receive a full scholarship. I work here as an intern, which means I have gotten to do many tasks, such as designing a tee-shirt and tutoring students. The students arrived this past week (we spent the first two weeks training). I can tell that this school makes a huge difference in the students lives, and I am excited that I can contribute to this mission.

You can learn more about the school at this link:

We will be blogging in rotation. Next week, you will hear from James, who is also at Anna Cooper. My other roommates are at various worksites–the Diocese, St. Andrew’s School, Blue Sky Fund, and St. Andrew’s Church.



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