Clear Eyes, Full Buckets, Can’t Lose

– Kate McPherson

“Wow! You guys are doing such a great job being kind. I’m going to fill your bucket!”

“Thank you so much for stopping to help your friend – what a bucket filler!”

“Oh, man. Was that a bucket FILLING choice or a bucket DIPPING choice?”


Since the students at St. Andrew’s School came back nearly a month ago, I’ve heard countless variations on these sentences. As the instructional assistant, I’m rarely in the same place for more than an hour, yet the whole bucket filling/dipping idea follows me around the school. Even the littlest Otters understand: we are bucket fillers!

At the beginning of the school year, I sat in the kindergarten classroom as they talked about what filled their collective bucket: kind words, listening to Miss Davis, helping a classmate. Their bucket is dipped when they have a hard time listening or trouble being kind. This is both literal — each teacher has a bucket the class tries to fill with pom-poms or packing peanuts; a filled bucket equals a special treat — and more figurative, where your bucket is your emotions.

I have to say, my bucket in Richmond is nearly always full.

I thought moving across the country, away from my parents and sister and puppy and everything I knew, would be hard — and it was. I thought graduating college and starting my first real job would be a challenge — and it is. But despite these potential bucket dippers, I am full of gratitude for the people I’ve met and the experience I’ve had in Richmond so far.

My friends, you are all such bucket fillers! (The teachers at SAS would be very proud of you.) Everyone the GOTHs have met in our month-and-some-change here has been so kind, so giving and generally so wonderful.

We have been so blessed by the parishioners at St. Andrew’s and our friends at our worksites as well as many others, who have given so much of themselves to help us feel comfortable. From beanbags and grocery gift cards to food and love, we have felt loved since before we walked in the door of GOTH Manor — the door, of course, that a parishioner put up for us!

Not to sound too Pollyanna about our life (#GOTHlyfe, as we say), but we really are so, so delighted by the people we have met. Every week, we eat a community dinner or two together, and every week, we talk about how much we like you guys. It would be helpful if maybe one of you were a jerk so we could mix up the conversation! (I jest, I jest. Sorry. We love you kind people.)

I’m sure as I blog more this year, I will delve more into other aspects of our lives together, but for now, I just wanted to let you know how delighted I and the other GOTHs are to get to be a part of your lives and how grateful we are to each of you for filling our collective bucket in one way or another!

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2 Responses to Clear Eyes, Full Buckets, Can’t Lose

  1. SUE BARRETT says:


  2. Jane-Page Watson says:

    …..and Kate fills OUR buckets at SAS:) jpw

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