Reflecting on Time

Melissa Eadie

Reflecting on the change in season, as the leaves show promise of color, I find myself reflecting on the importance of time, and being present in mind, body and spirit. Over the past several days, I have been going to my beloved “place”, to reflect on my time in Virginia thus far. I found comfort in thinking of the countless people that have opened their doors and hearts to the “Goths”, the joy of work alongside the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, and knowing  230 S. Laurel is now my home. But to be able to really dive into this opportunity, I need to be constant in my relationship with the Lord, and take the time to really discern His will for my life. I find that when I seek Him first, I am able to see His works in this world more clearly. I find myself slowing down to really listen, rather than to be heard, to try to love rater than judge, and to realize that His plan for my life is simply inconceivable. I look forward to the possibilities of this adventure, and how He will use me for the Kingdom.

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