Explore More

-Paige Trivett

Exploring During Advent

Time to slow down,
to wait in the darkness.
Full of anticipation for what is to come.
Searching for answers,
for renewal and peace.
Taking comfort in His gift to all.

Exploring at Work

The stomping of young feet,
the gasps coupled with new discoveries.
Soaking up knowledge like a sponge.
Sponges with holes, slashes,
dry from curiosity having been smothered.
But hope for inquisitive hydration.

Exploring with GOTH

This old, cozy home
with its uncomplicated porch
is encompassed by a world of ignorance and doubt.
But the lantern inside,
nurtured by faith and love, investigation and desire,
establishes a foundation.

A motive for seeking truth,
the rugged truth with broken edges.
We jump into the unknown arm-in-arm, hand-in-hand.
No plan, no blueprint,
with only intuition to lead the way,
we trust
and hold on.

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1 Response to Explore More

  1. Jeannine uzel says:

    Paige, what a beautiful poem! A mix of the practical with spiritual, hopes mixed with the reality of day to day living. I am relishing in this snowstorm that allows me to slow the pace of my life and read your wonderful blog. Thank you for adding beauty to my day!
    – Jeannine Uzel

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