A Sensory Reflection

Bernadette Aylward


Our life together goes by a certain rhythm and a week might go by without stopping to think about what we’ve seen or heard or smelled. I enjoy reflecting on the small things that draw my attention or bring me joy. Something will strike me as I go along and I will be amazed at all the good there is around us. Big or small, here are some of the things you might have noticed, had you dropped by the GOTH Manor this last week of February

Sights: 3 or 4 GOTHs hanging out in the living room doing independent quiet activities. Knitting, coloring, reading in perfect peace. Fellowship can happen in silence just as much as in conversation. Sun light streaming through the front windows on Sunday morning. This music video, about a hundred times since last Friday: Genghis Khan, by Miike Snow

Sounds: Background music to Neko Atsume (the best game you can download on your phone, 3/6 GOTHs recommend). VCU emergency sirens heralding tornado warnings, causing the whole house to congregate in the windowless hallway. Dryers tumbling clean clothes.

Smells: A collection of fresh and flowery shampoos (at least in the upstairs bathroom #girlsclub), spicy incense, Chinese or Thai takeout when someone(s) of us get too lazy to cook.

Tastes: Homemade pizza, plentiful Maxwell House coffee with a delicate blend of milk with a splash of creamer (introduced by my housemates). Freshly baked soda bread with golden raisins. Spiced pretzels made by Paige, addictive to all.

Feelings: The luxury of putting your feet up in a recliner after a long day. Fresh breezes through open windows on the surprising warm days. Sweating and stumbling through workout videos, solo or with a friend. Feeling that the person across from you is really, truly listening to you and wants to connect as you share the story of your day.

It’s a wonderful place to live, and our time is made up of mundane and sacred moments. In each of them, there can be something beautiful. I hope you might be able to find the beauty in your small moments this week. May there be something that inspires you to gratitude-even for the smallest blessings that pass by unnoticed each day.

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