Giving Thanks

-Patrick Keyser

As my time with Grace-on-the-Hill comes to an end, I don’t think I quite have the words to capture how I feel. How can I adequately express how I feel at the end of this time that has had such a profound impact on my life? I have grown, failed, and been challenged in ways that I could not have anticipated when I first began this program almost 24 months ago. As my time here comes to a close, the only words I can seem to find to say are “thank you.” There are too many people to thank and too many experiences to name, but I can at least give it a try and trust that what emerges will be a sufficient sign of my gratitude for all that has been in these past two years.

I give thanks for:

  • The opportunity to become part of this beloved St. Andrew’s community, and for the ways that you all have welcomed me into your lives and your own spiritual journeys
  • EfM and all the incredible people I shared my journey with
  • My internship experience at St. Andrew’s- for experience in everything from office administration to pastoral care
  • Space to grow, question, try new things, and fail (and learn that it’s okay!)
  • Loving members of the GOTH community and for the opportunity to share our lives; for meals shared and time spent in prayer; for laughter, tears, and everything in between
  • My mentor Howard and all the wisdom he has shared with me
  • Abbott’s supervision, and for the countless things she has taught me about parish ministry
  • Leading chapel at St. Andrew’s School this year
  • Time for retreat and rest, and for the opportunity to travel twice to SSJE to experience a taste of monastic life
  • The opportunity to lead the Wednesday literacy class using the Bible, and for Kay McCall and her incredible support and wisdom in making this program possible
  • Opportunities to learn how to do liturgy well, and for the opportunity to gain extensive liturgical experience
  • Being a part of the St. Andrew’s softball team

This list feels woefully inadequate, but my hope is that it is but a small sign of the deep gratitude I have for all the experiences and all the amazing people who have made these two years so rich and life-changing. Above all, thanks be to God who led me exactly where I needed to be and gifted me with these two years.

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2 Responses to Giving Thanks

  1. Jeannine says:

    It has been a pleasure to have you and to work with you. Best wishes and let’s hope your first New England winter is a mild one!

  2. Belinda says:

    Don’t forget the way back to us, Patrick.
    We will always hold you dear for the many loving ways you have served us at St. Andrew’s.

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