No Plan Land

By Katherine Gaines

We’ve been at Grace on the Hill for just over a month now. Just as we are getting settled into our new way of life, I am reminded that this is only temporary. I started my grad school applications this week and realized that, once again, my knowledge of my own living situation has a finite end date. This is a space that I am quite familiar with since my previous end date was May 2016 upon graduating from college. While it is familiar, it is hardly pleasant unless I am intentional in how I regard this not knowing.

I am a social worker both by degree and by calling, and I am lucky that I am able to utilize my skill set in my worksite placement this year. One of the most important concepts in social work is the concept of termination or the end of a working partnership with those we serve. We are taught that termination starts at the beginning of that relationship. This may take many forms such as “we will have four months to work together” or “we will reevaluate every two months to continue services.” So, I must remind myself that I now have nine months to be a part of this Grace on the Hill community and to do the work God has given me to do.

I mentioned being intentional in this looming unknown. This fits perfectly into the concept of a Theology of Place. I think of Theology of Place as a ripple effect throughout the various systems of our lives. Where I am, who I am with, who I have relationships with, and what I do all affect one another and I believe this to have divine origins. The way I see it, I can live in this space of an unknown future by being intentional about the present. In paying acute attention to being in this corner of the City of Richmond, with the community of St. Andrew’s and Grace on the Hill, with my worksite, with my loved ones in this city, and my actions within all of these spheres, I can hardly feel displaced and that is a welcome feeling.

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