Life is in the Small Things

By Timothy Nixon.

As we settle into the routines and rhythms of life here at Grace on the Hill, it becomes apparent that the real joys of living in an intentional community (or any community) come from the little moments throughout the week. You find yourself looking forward to that whispered “Good morning” at the start of every day. You can’t help but smile as a laugh comes echoing through the house from upstairs. You go to sleep with a full stomach and memories of that night’s conversation over dinner. Today I want to give you a brief peek at one of these times.

We decided that it was important for us to do something fun all together each week. It could be big, like going out or playing mini-golf, or small like watching a movie together in our living room. Yesterday we went small and sat around our dining room table to play some Apples to Apples.

It had been a long day. A cold had been going around and a couple of us were close to succumbing. The house was quiet and the energy low when we sat down to play. Within minutes, though, our cold dining room started to warm with smiles and the laughter bubbled up. Erin quickly reclaimed her Apples to Apples fame with inspiring cards like: Baked Beans. At times Lauren seemed to win card after card with perfect matches leaving Celal and myself scratching our heads.

Despite the laughs and energy, or perhaps because of it, the drooping eyes and slowing wits of a long week began to tell. Even as the game was coming to a close the laughs just got louder as Katherine presented us with the misreadings: Crabs, they go straight to the gut and Call the midwife I’m having a Midwife Crisis, the last of which had Celal nearly toppled with laughter for several minutes.

All told it was maybe an hour or two of a simple game, but sometimes a small moment of fun at the end of a long week is all you need to remember the joy of life.

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