Thank You!

Dear Friends of Grace-on-the-Hill,

On Friday, we gathered to recognize and celebrate the work and plans of so many people that came together to make Grace-on-the-Hill a reality five years ago. We have come so far, and we have more to go. It is important, though, to stop and recognize just how many different wonderful people come together in creating such a powerful program.

In one room, we had members of the founding interest committee at St. Andrews – Bill, Rock, Abbott, and others.

We had representatives from each of the current work sites – Mike and Katye of Anna Julia Cooper, Kate of St. Andrews School, Abbott of St. Andrews Church, and Paris of the Diocese of Virginia.

We had representatives from St. Andrews congregation – Barbara and Bill, Cynthia and Bill, Tim, Joe, Terry, the Getlein family, the Higgins family, and others.

We had current and returning mentors – Mother Pheobe, Rock, Terry, Ally, and others.

We had every current Goths and three previous Goths – Megan-Drew, Theresa, and Paige.

We had members of the Oregon Hill community – Caroline and John.

We had Bishop Susan Goff of the Diocese of Virginia.

And just as there were others there I don’t even know, there were many who couldn’t be there; people connected to Grace-on-the-Hill in ways I cannot imagine.

So even as we came together to celebrate and appreciate the joy we have co-created in the Grace-on-the-Hill program, I want to reiterate my own thanks to all of you. Thank you to those who could be there and to those who could not. Thank you to those who support us financially. Thank you to those who support us emotionally. Thank you to those we work with. Thank you to those who teach us. Thank you to those we love and thank you to those who love us. This is truly an amazing experience, and each of you make it that way.

Thank you!

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